Tuesday 14 August 2012

Oz Trip - Day 105

Day 105 – 14/8/2012 – Pajero Service

We had the Pajero booked in for a 90,000km service before we even left Kununurra. Due to our change in timetable we were lucky enough to be able reschedule it.  We dropped it off at 8am and then walked down to Town Beach. It is a nice little beach that has a van park that is right on the water and a little cafe.

Town Beach - Broome

From there we then walked up to Broome's main CBD which is called China Town and had a bit of a walk around the shops. We then walked to the inside cinema, Sun City Cinema, to catch another movie.

On the way to the cinema I finally found a Sturt Desert Pea. I have been trying to find one of these ever since we went through South Australia and had seen it on a lot of logos etc.

Sturt Desert Pea
After the movie we wandered back into the main street and had a late lunch. We then wandered back to the service place via Town Beach again. It was 5pm by the time the service was finished.

It was a quick trip back to the cabin to have a rushed dinner and then off to the movies again at the outside cinema again. This time there were a number of large helicopters landing. I suspect that they were bring the fly-in fly-out workers in from the offshore oil rigs.

During the movie on both of the nights that we were at the outside cinema, we noticed a strange “star” moving erratically in the night sky. We jokingly suggested that it might have been a UFO heading to Wycliffe Well, the UFO centre of Australia, that we passed through in the Northern Territory. It wasn't unit latter looking through the “What to do in Broome” tourist guides that we found you can visit the Bureau of Meteorology to witness a weather balloon release. We thought that it was probably the night time weather balloon that we had been seeing.

We well and truly caught up on all of the movies that we had missed over the last couple of months.

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