Wednesday 15 August 2012

Oz Trip - Day 106

Day 106 – 15/8/2012 – Cable Beach

We had a bit of a slow morning as we didn't have any major jobs to do. After lunch we did a bit of a drive around to make sure that the Pajero felt ok after the service.

First stop was Entrance Point, it was just past the Broome Port. It had a nice boat ramp area and it looked like a lot of people brought their dogs down for a run on the beach.

Entrance Point

Next stop was Gantheaume Point which looked back towards Cable Beach. There were also some dinosaur footprints in the rock but they are only accessible at a very low tide. They have a replica further up in the rocks.

Looking towards Cable Beach

Replica dinosaur footprints
It was then off to Cable Beach. There are some nice grassy areas in front of the cafe's and restaurants. It was pretty busy but no where near as busy as Mindel Beach in Darwin when the sun was setting. We didn't worry about trying to drive down onto the beach as it looked like it would be a bit chaotic getting back off the beach after sunset. Plus there were no good car wash places in town that I could give it a good wash once I had been on the beach.

Looking towards Gantheaume Point
Looking up Cable Beach past the rocks

Camels starting off for their sunset tour

The result of not locking the hubs in BEFORE hitting the sand.

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