Thursday, 30 August 2012

Oz Trip - Day 114 to 121

Day 114 to 121 – 23/8/2012 to 30/8/2012 – Broome (again)

The camper had been fixed and we were able to pick it up at 8am. After picking it up we went back to the Hotel to repack everything back into the camper. After checking out and on our way out of town we had to swing past the van park to pick up all of our frozen food out of the camp kitchen freezer in the van park. The bar fridge in the Hotel wasn't big enough to hold all of our frozen meat.

Boabs up the main street of Derby

This time at Broome we stayed at a van park that was closer to Cable Beach. So after setting up camp we wandered down to the Cable Beach foreshore again.

The Carp at Cable Beach
The van park also had a few resident chickens that wandered around the camp sites. We saved all of our veggie scraps for them every day.

One of the camp chickens
While in Broome we had to wait for a new jockey wheel to turn up. The old one got a bit deformed in the towing process. We were also booked in for a few other jobs. The camper and Pajero needed a wheel alignment. I also had new tyres fitted because I found 3 tyres with big cuts in the side walls.

The worst of the side wall cuts
On the way to get the new tyres I called into the Mitsubishi service agent to see what time they opened in the following morning. About a week before when we were in Derby I rang up and asked to be booked to get the front and rear brake pads changed as they mentioned that they were getting a bit low at the 90,000km service. When they checked, they didn't have any record of me being booked in and didn't have any parts in stock and didn't have any in Perth that they could get for me. Talk about frustrating. So while the new tyres were being fitted at the tyre shop I managed to find a place that could get the new brake pads the following day and fit them the day after that.

In between doing jobs we also managed to fit in a few swims at Cable Beach, the movies and just taking it a bit easier. Although we were itching to get moving as it felt time was just slipping by.

In those few days the heat was scorching. At one point it was 37deg in the shade. The side of the camper that was taking the full brunt of the sun was so hot that I couldn't even touch the side walls! We had the air con cranked up just to try and take the edge off it.

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