Thursday 16 August 2012

Oz Trip - Day 107

Day 107 – 16/8/2012 – Middle Lagoon

We were able to change the dates and type of our accommodation from a camp site to a cabin so we packed up and headed to Middle Lagoon. On the way to Middle Lagoon we stopped off at Beagle Bay to check out the church. We don't normally visit churches, but this one appeared in the movie 'Bran Nue Dae' and the church is decorated with and the alter is made out of mother-of-pearl shells.

The Beagle Bay Church

We arrived at Middle Lagoon after lunch and checked into our “cabin”. It was basically a gazebo wrapped in shade cloth. It contained beds, a bar fridge, a bench and some basic utensils. The stove was the gas BBQ outside. Luckily we had packed our portable gas stove for emergencies. We ended up using it to cook on as it was a lot faster than trying to boil a pot of water on the BBQ.

The road to Middle Lagoon

It wasn't our home on wheels, but it will have to do
From our cabin we had a bit of a view over the beach. It was good to hear the sound of the surf again and also to be able to walk on the beach. We hadn't done that for months.

The beach shacks accommodation
On the way to the beach we also found another sign that The Carp had also visited Middle Lagoon.

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