Sunday 8 July 2012

Oz Trip - Day 68

Day 68 – 8/7/2012 – Sandy Creek Falls, Lost City and Inconsiderate Campers!

This morning we set off for Sandy Creek Falls. Another water fall and swimming hole that was only accessible by a 4WD track. I was hoping that alone would reduce the number of people there. In order to get in you had to do a bit of a water crossing early on in the track.

Then when you made it to the camp ground and day use area, you had to then do a 1.7km walk into the falls and swimming hole.

Sandy Creek Falls
It was great. There were only a hand full of people so it was a lot quieter than Wangi Falls.

We then also visited the Blyth Homestead ruins. It also required another water crossing.

After visiting the homestead and crossing back through the creek, we had decided to have lunch beside it. It also gave us a chance to watch all of the other vehicles doing the water crossing.

On our way back to the main road, we came to stop at the first water crossing. A Narvara ute with 5 guys in it had stalled in the middle of the crossing. It was the same ute that we had passed going into the homestead ruins. There they were playing in the water crossing and seeing how fast they could get through the crossing. I suspect that they were doing the same on this crossing and stalled it or something in the middle of the creek. Luckily a guy on the other side of the bank towed them out but they still couldn't get it started.

In the afternoon we figured we quite hadn't had our corrugation quota for the day so we headed off to visit the Lost City. From the photos that we had seen at the Safari Park it looked pretty impressive. It was touted as looking like the ruins for a lost city. It looked impressive but not quite as impressive as in the photos.

When we arrived back at camp we found that the tent people that had camp us in had packed up and left but they had been replaced by a duel axle caravan! Now this guy should have know better. I reversed into our camp site again and this time my front wheels and bull bar had to swing under their awning. He later came over and said something along the lines of “I hope we didn't park you in”, I replied “we are leaving early in the morning and it is a lot easier to drive forward hitched up to get out”. He came back with “I will reverse it out for you” and I replied, “We'll just fold up your awing and we should be able to get out”. The next morning he had packed up camp and moved to another spot just in time as we were about to leave. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the position of the caravan.

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