Sunday 15 July 2012

Oz Trip - Day 75

Day 75 – 15/7/2012 – Wyndham & Lake Argyle

We were going to do a bit of driving for a change. On our way out to Wyndham we stopped in at “The Grotto”. It is a small gorge. There were a lot of steps to get to the bottom and it wasn't running with water so we decided not to walk to the bottom.

The Steps down to the Grotto

Wyndham is a small port where they export iron-ore and live cattle from. There is not much there except for the port.

While in Wyndham we visited the largest Boab tree in captivity.

Estimated to be about 2000 years old!
And a crocodile that leaves the one in Normanton QLD for dead!

I certainly wouldn't be doing this to a real one!
In the process of going to the boab tree, we met Fuzzy, the town donkey. He seems to have been around the town for awhile


Fuzzys story
There was also a great lookout that looks over the landscape where the 5 rivers of the Kimberley, (Ord, Forest, King, Durack and Pentecost Rivers), join before heading out to sea.

After lunch it was back through Kununurra to Lake Argyle. It is the largest man made lake in Australia. It looked pretty impressive from the lookouts.

A Jabiru that I spotted at the spillway
Lake Argyle
The van park at Lake Argyle also had a great looking infinity pool that looks out over the lake. (But still not as good as Gunlom Falls)

Lake Argyle Infinity pool

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