Thursday, 26 July 2012

Oz Trip - Day 86

Day 86 – 26/7/2012 – Home Valley Station

Before we left El Questro we topped up the water tank to make sure that we had full water on board.

In order to get to Home Valley Station we had to cross the Pentcost River. Just as we arrived at the crossing a Britz hire 4WD had finished pulling a 2WD Isuzu truck out that had a slide on camper on it. He got stuck because he was only a 2WD. After advice from the Britz camper driver we tried the crossing. It wasn't too deep. It didn't even come up over the side steps on the Pajero. The crossings to get into the Bungle Bungles and El Questro were deeper.

Crossing the Pentecost River

Pentecost River with the Cockburn Range in the background
Entrance to Home Valley Station
On checking into Home Valley Station we heard a strange knock underneath the bonnet when starting the engine. On checking it we found that the battery tray had broken again. This time it was the next fold in the metal up from where I had it fixed in Kununurra. So we booked it into the Station workshop to see if they could fix and strengthen the tray. We couldn't get in until 3pm and it wasn't finished by 4pm so the Pajero had a sleepover in the workshop for the night.

We were beginning to think the Pajero would end up looking like this by the end of the trip!
While the Pajero was in getting looked at, we spent the rest of the day having a swim in the pool and generally lazying around the pool area in the shade. It is a bit ironic. This place doesn't have “Resort” in its name, but is is more of a “Resort” than any of the other “Resorts” that we stayed at around Central Australia!

The pool area

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