Monday 9 July 2012

Oz Trip - Day 69

Day 69 – 9/7/2012 – Douglas Hot Springs

After our neighbours had moved camp, we were on the road to Douglas Hot Springs. We made it there just before lunch time. It was a stinking hot 34deg!

After lunch we went and had a swim in the hot springs. Actually you swim in the creek and and you are able to regulate how hot you want the water. The hot springs join with the cold creek water so it is just a matter of finding a spot that is not too hot or too icy for you.

The hot water is coming from up there

The hot and cold water mixing.
The water is so hot that it is said that you can boil an egg where it comes out of the ground. I would believe it too because you couldn't put your foot in the water it was so hot.

It was still 34deg at 4pm and 30deg at 6pm!

There was a little bit of left over wood at our camp site so I had a fire even though we didn't need it for warmth!

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