Saturday 21 July 2012

Oz Trip - Day 81

Day 81 – 21/7/2012 – Kununurra Jobs Day

Basically another jobs and restocking day to get ready to head along the Gibb River Road.

As I was giving the Pajero and camper a check over for any problems prior to the next remote section, I found that the axillary TJM battery tray in the Pajero had snapped at one point where it was bolted into the engine bay and the whole battery tray had movement in it. This was a bit of a worry as I didn't want to set off on the road that is notorious for breaking vehicles with something that was already broken. Luckily I found a guy that was able to weld it up for me that, (Saturday), afternoon.

The process of disconnecting and reconnecting the batteries then somehow knocked out the Pajeros built in Satnav system. Loosing the satnav is not a huge problem but it also took out the reversing camera which was extremely useful in aiding in hitching up the camper. Looks like I will have to learn how to hitch up old school.

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