Friday 13 July 2012

Oz Trip - Day 73

Day 73 – 13/7/2012 – Kununurra

Basically just a big driving day. If we had the time, there looked like there were some nice spots to stop between Katherine and Kununurra, ie Victoria River and Timber Creek.

The boab trees starting to appear everywhere
At the WA boarder we had to stop and the vehicle and camper were searched for any fruit and vegies. We knew that they stopped and searched everybody as they crossed the boarder so we had used up all of ours the night before. There were still some people that hadn't eaten all of theirs and had to forfeit it.

The check point going into WA.

When crossing the boarder we also switched to time zones so we went back in time 1.5hrs. The time now felt more in sync with the sunrise and sunset times. It felt more natural.

We checked into a powered site at the Ivenhoe Van park. We were given the heads up by some people on the Katherine Gorge tour that this van park took bookings. At lot of the other van parks in Kununurra don't take bookings at this time of year and it is just a case of first in, first served. It was good having a booking because it didn't matter what time you arrived in the afternoon you knew you still had a site.

Our site at the van park was right on the fence looking over into the show grounds. As it was it was the 40th Anniversary of the Kununurra show. So we had front row seats for the music entertainment and fireworks for the night.

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