Saturday 28 July 2012

Oz Trip - Day 88

Day 88 – 28/7/2012 – Drysdale Station

We were packed and hitched up early. The only problem was that I wasn't getting any charge from the Pajero back to the camper batteries and the volts on the battery monitor in the Pajero still didn't look right. There was still too big a voltage difference between the two batteries. On closer inspection I found that they hadn't connected the batteries up properly after putting the fixed tray back in! A negative lead for the auxiliary battery wasn't connected and it was wedged in with the positive leads on the starting battery. Once I connected the negative lead to where it was meant to be connected, everything was working and back to normal. I am still pretty annoyed that when you are paying someone to do a job that it isn't done properly!

We were pretty lucky as the grader had just been through the section from Home Valley to the Drysdale Station turn off so it wasn't as rough as getting to El Questro. Even the section of road up to Drysdale Station was pretty good. We arrived at Drysdale Station at about 1pm. This gave us have a bit of time for a relax.

Approaching the Durack River crossing

The road to Drysdale station
Entrance to Drysdale River Station
Camp site at Drysdale
The public phone at Drysdale - The phone on the fridge

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