Thursday 12 July 2012

Oz Trip - Day 72

Day 72 – 12/7/2012 – Edith Falls Day Trip

We did a day trip to Edith Falls. They are the falls on the western side of the Nitmulik National Park. It was probably about a 200km round trip to drive there but it was certainly quicker and easier than walking the Jatbula Trail which is 58km and takes about 5 days!

We did the 2.6km loop walk to the top of Edith Falls. The rock pool at the top and it was fantastic. The water wasn't icy cold so it was easy to get into and it was nice and deep.

A creek on the way up to Edith Falls

The Edith Falls and Plunge Pools

The pool that we swam in

Looking back on the falls from the 2nd part of the track

By the time we returned to the vehicle it was pretty hot!

This is meant to be winter!!!

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