Tuesday 17 July 2012

Oz Trip - Day 77

Day 77 – 17/7/2012 – The Domes and Cathedral Gorge

In the Bungle Bungles National Park you don't camp right beside where the walks start from. So we decided to do the walks that were furthest from our campsite first. It was a 26km drive to where the walks started from.

The first walk that we did was The Domes walk. Here you walk amongst the beehive domes.

The next walk was to Cathedral Gorge. It was nice and cool as you walked up the gorge. The Cathedral Gorge is said to have the same acrostics as the Sydney Opera House. I don't know if that is true or not but they are pretty good. There was a guy talking to his wife on the other side of the Gorge and we could clearly hear what he was saying. So after that we were pretty careful not to make any comments about the rabble tour group that turned up and destroyed the piece and quite.

After lunch back at camp we decided to make a start on the next couple of walks that were closest to our camp. They were only 16km away. We only did Echidna Chasm as it was the shortest of the two. The chasm was getting narrower and narrower. We followed it up as far as you could go. You also felt a bit like Indiana Jones having to climb over rocks and having rocks ready to fall on top of you.

The end of the road.

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