Monday 30 July 2012

Oz Trip - Day 90

Day 90 – 30/7/2012 – Mitchell Falls

We had booked in for a 9:15am Falls transfer. This was a 6min helicopter ride to the top of Mitchell Falls. We then had to do the 3.4km walk back to the camp site. We figured that it was best to do the helicopter flight first so that way we could spend as much time swimming and walking back to camp as we liked.

It was the first time in a helicopter for both of us. There were 4 passengers plus the pilot in the helicopter. The other two people that we shared the flight with were from Hervey Bay! You come to one of the most remote places in Australia and then end up catching a flight with someone from just down the road from your home town. Weird. Between the 4 of us we had to decide where we wanted to sit. It worked out well as Jodie didn't want a side seat as there were no rear doors on the helicopter and myself and the other guy wanted to take photos so we were happy to have the “no doors” seats. The flight was fantastic, nice and smooth despite the wind and great views. It was quite an experience and would love to do it again.

Our Ride

Big Mertens Falls to the left and Mitchell Falls on the right

The landing area
After we landed at the top of the falls we then spent a bit of time exploring the lookout that looked onto Mitchell Falls and just taking it all in. It was really nice to have the place pretty much to ourselves. There were only a handful of other people there.

Mitchell Falls from the lookout
We walked down the track until we came to the top of Big Mertens Falls. There was a fantastic swimming hole there so we decided to have a swim. It was fantastic we had it all to ourselves and not another person in sight. It was a pretty special feeling and it made the long hard journey in to the camp ground worth every corrugation and it was such a great way to celebrate the half way point, (in terms of days), of our trip.

The track crossed the river
Big Mertens Falls

The pool just before the falls

Swimming at the top of Big Mertens Falls
After the swim we continued along the track. This lead us to the bottom of Little Mertens Falls where we had lunch. It was another nice swimming spot but we didn't bother having a swim here. There was also some Aboriginal rock art up in behind the water fall.

Behind Little Mertens Falls looking at the water hole

The waterhole at Little Mertens Falls

The rock art behind Little Mertens Falls
We had a bit of a rest back at camp after an exhausting morning and then in the afternoon we had another fresh water swim in creek just near the camp ground.

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