Friday 11 May 2012

Oz Trip - Day 10

Day 10 – 11/5/2012 – Hawker Day Trip

Because we had used up all of our fresh fruit and vegies before we hit the South Australian boarder and fruit fly zones, we needed to restock. We were planning on restocking at Yunta before we hit the dirt road but that town only ended up being pretty much two truck stops and we couldn't get anything. We were also planning on restocking at the Wilpena “Resort” because they said that they had a well stocked shop. They did, but not really with fresh fruit and vegies.

We also needed to catch up on the laundry. At our end of the camp ground there was only one washing machine and one dryer and a resident grey nomad had commandeered both for pretty much all day. So we decided to cut our losses and drive the 50km to Hawker to find some fresh fruit and vegies and hopefully a laundromat.

We managed to find both. There were only two small shops in town and we managed to get most of what we needed. We also stopped in at the local cafe for a steak sandwich and old fashioned milk shake. Poh from Poh's Kitchen, (ex Masterchef), was also in the cafe at the same time.
Lunch at the Cafe
Old building in Hawker
There were lots of old stone ruins in the area.  Here is one of many that I took.  Jodie was getting sick of me taking photos of them all, you all will probably get sick of looking at them as well by the time we finish this trip :-)
Old stone ruin in a paddock
We also stopped off at a few of the lookouts on the way back.

Another part of the Flinders Rangers

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