Tuesday 8 May 2012

Oz Trip - Day 7

Day 7 – 8/5/2012 – Broken Hill Jobs Day

Today was basically a jobs day. First thing was to find an upholster to fix the Stone Stomper in Broken Hill. After dropping the Stone Stomper off it was off to the hardware shop to get some new shackles to attach it back onto the camper. At that point I had thought I had lost my wallet so we drove back to camp to see if I had left it there, luckily I had! We also took the time to have lunch at camp.

After lunch it was back to Broken Hill to find Coles and Woolies to restock. On the way out we though we would just do a quick spin through Silverton as it was only about 1km up the road. When we drove into Silverton we were greeted by some donkeys! With all of the dirt and old stone buildings it sort of made you feel like you were in a Mexican ghost town. Very strange. We saw a few things that we were going to come back and checkout.

A Silverton donkey
With the shopping completed we stopped off at Bells Milk Bar for an old fashioned spider. Bells Mike Bar is a real 50's milk bar.

That afternoon I went to the Mundi Mundi plains lookout just past Silverton to watch the sunset. It was obviously a popular thing to do as there was a coach tour bus and quite a few other motor homes and cars there as well with their tables and chairs all set up having their wine and cheese. From the lookout you look down onto the Mundi Mundi Plains that extend out to the horizon. It was nice watching the sun set over the western plains while having a beer, but I don't think it was as impressive as it could have been. Because it was a cloudless sky, there weren't any of the fantastic red colours that you can get. We saw these as we were arriving the afternoon before. Don't get me wrong it was still pretty impressive.

Sunset from Mundi Mundi Lookout

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