Tuesday 15 May 2012

Oz Trip - Day 14

Day 14 – 15/5/2012 – Port Augusta

We managed to make it to Port Augusta just before lunch time.  Luckily the fault didn't cause the engine to go into "Limp Home" mode where it reduces the power and speed at which you can travel.  It wouldn't have been fun towing a 2 tonne camper with only 20% engine power and limited to 60kph for 200 or so kilometres through hills! We dropped the van off at the Big 4 van park and I headed back to the dealership to drop the Pajero off. Luckily they were able to look at it for us that afternoon.

When entering all of my details they found that it hadn't had an “update” applied to its computer. For the non technical, basically it needed a bit of software loaded into it, similar to applying a windows update to your computer. They said that they had just recently had another Pajero in with the same problem and had to apply the same fix. Apparently when towing with the engine under load and in certain conditions can generate a fault code which causes the check engine light to turn on. So they applied the “patch” and I was good to go.

The stop at Port Augusta also gave us the change to stock up on some food and water and ready to hit the road again tomorrow morning.

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  1. Get yourself a Scanguage, can then turn the engine check light off yourself, cheap at 170 bucks.