Saturday 19 May 2012

Oz Trip - Day 18

Day 18 – 19/5/2012 – Muloorina Station and Level Post Bay Lake Eyre

We had a bit of a sleep in as we were only heading 50km up the road to Muloorina Station. We were going to drop the camper off there and then head the extra 50km to Level Post Bay on Lake Eyre.

Marree General Store and Servo

The Lake Eyre Yacht Club
The road out to Muloorina Station was flat and feature less.

Not much around here
We also had to cross the dog fence.

The Dog Fence
We did a quick camp setup and then headed out the road to Lake Eyre. It was probably the roughest track bar Skytrek that we had encountered so far. It took us about 1½ hours to do the 50km or so.

Trying to show how deep the corrugations were

And more corrugations
There was no water in this section of Lake Eyre, just the salt flats. It just went on for as far as the eye could see. Photos just don't really convey the vastness of the landscape.

Looking out onto the lake

On the lake

Looking back to the info sign (If you look closely, you can see Jodie)

The track into Level Post Bay
It was also the spot where the land speed record was set by Donald Campbell in 1964.

That is pretty fast!
We ended up eating lunch in the vehicle at Lake Eyre because the flies were so bad.

We were back at camp by 3pm which give us time to have a bit of a walk around the rest of the camp ground and to check out some of the other sites that were closer to the billabong. We didn't worry about trying to get too close to the billabong as we wanted good solar and we were only there for the night.

A Billabong camp site

Our Camp

Heaps of Hawks
The numbers of stars visible was unbelievable. It was also the first chance that I have had to try and take some good night time photos because there was no light pollution form cities or towns, no clouds and no moon. It was just spectacular.

The Milky Way

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