Monday 14 May 2012

Oz Trip - Day 13

Day 13 – 14/5/2012 – Bush Walk Day (a day out of the car!)

At last, a day not driving!!! We finally had a day where we were going to do a bush walk. We walked up to the Hills Homestead and then on to the two Wangara lookouts into Wilpena Pound. It gave you a really good view into the Pound. You had to walk through the only entrance into the Pound which followed Wilpena Creek. All up it was about an 8km walk.

The water source for Wilpena Resourt

Hills Homestead was the homestead for the first people that tried to make a go of the land within the pound. They originally tried to grow wheat in there. That venture only lasted about 15 years when a big rainfall event washed away the access road that they had spent years building.
Hills Homestead

Mountain goat Jodie on the way to the top lookout.
One edge of the pound

Looking out of the pound entrance. Airfield in the distance
That afternoon on the way down to the Resort petrol station to refill before tomorrows departure, a “check engine” light appeared on the dash. This wasn't a good sign. After a few “turn it off and turn it back on again” attempts it still hadn't disappeared. After a call to a couple of Mitsubishi dealers they said that it could be dirty fuel but it would be best to get it to a dealer as soon as possible. Because we were due to be heading to more remote areas, it was going to be better to get it looked at now rather than later. So we made the decision to head to Port Augusta instead of Arkaroola :-(

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