Saturday 5 May 2012

OZ Trip - Day 4

Day 4 – 5/5/2012 – Lightening Ridge to North Bourke
It was starting to get a bit chiller. Awoke to a 7.8deg crisp clear morning. We were on the road fairly early again. There was not much traffic on the roads which was good. We headed to Walgett first. The vegetation was starting to thin out as we were starting to get further west. We were also starting to see quite a few Emu's.

Stopped at Brewarrina for a top of diesel. It was chaos at the only servo. The Walgett Rugby team bus had stopped and they were all stocking up on snacks and car and 4wd's going every which way.

From there we headed over to have a quick look at the Aboriginal Fish Traps in the river. Unfortunately we couldn't see them because the water level in the river was still high and the river was flowing fairly fast. There were some aboriginal kids in the river catching some fish.
Flooded Fish traps

We later ran into some people at Silverton that were at Brewarrina the same time as us and they said they bought a fish of the kids and it was the best tasting fish that they had had in a long time. They said it was yellow belly perch.

From there it was onto Bourke. We went for a drive through town and it was unbelievable how fortified it was. Shops were roller door shuttered and places had high fences with razor wire on top of it.

Bourke Main Street

Bourke Main Street
Luckily we were staying at a place in North Bourke called Kidmans Kamp. It was a really nice park.

Kidmans Kamp
After setting up we went for a walk down to the Darling River about 400m away and saw lots of bird life. There were even lots of pelicans soaring overhead. They were up so high they were hard to see.

With such a clear sky you could tell it was going to be a chillie night.

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