Thursday 31 May 2012

Oz Trip - Day 28 to Day 30

Day 28 to Day 30 – 29/5/2012 to 31/5/2012 – Rest Days!

Basically over these days we decided to have a bit of a rest around camp. I also spent a bit of time catching up on blog posts while I had the time and the internet connection.

We did a couple more trips to the town centre.

Yulara Town Square grass area

Yulara Town Square
On one trip we decided to drive around all of the back streets. We found the large staff quarters and found that they had a decent sized AFL oval that was all green grass. A bit of a contrast as there was just sandy desert and scrub up to the edges of it. They also have a 25m swimming pool, full recreation club, child care and primary school. The resort is more like a mini town. Unbelievable how big the resort actually is.

The wind had been blowing a gale pretty much since the second day after we arrived. Because it was so strong the climb on the rock had been closed so I didn't get a chance to climb it. I later found out that they opened it the afternoon the day that we left.

Because the wind was blowing so much we decided to put up one wall of our annex to help stop the cold wind blowing through the kitchen side of the camper. On our last afternoon I took the side wall down because there were some very dark clouds starting to hang around. Luckily I did because about 2 hours later we had a shower of rain. The rain smelt so good. Because we had been smelling dust and dirt for about the last three weeks and hadn't seen any large bodies of water, it was amazing now nice the rain smelt.

Yulara camp site

The others in our street
On the last afternoon we also went back and watched the sunset over the rock again. While we were there we spotted a backpackers Wicked van that we had also seen in a few other tourist attractions.

Speaking of pets, we also had more visits from our pet mouse at night time. It also brought out her two babies to say hello to us.

Mummy mouse
Baby Mouse - Compare it to the size of the stones

The babies didn't venture far from the base of the tree shrub that was home, but Mum was more adventurous and wasn't scared to wander around our feet while we were in the kitchen.  We had to be careful that we didn't step on her.

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