Monday 28 May 2012

Oz Trip - Day 27

Day 27 – 28/5/2012 – The Olgas

Another day of walking. This time we drove the 50km or so out to The Olgas to do the Valley of the Winds walk and the Walpa gorge walk. All up, about another 11km. Even thought the walks were steeper and a bit more changeling, the legs didn't feel anywhere near as bad as the flat walk the day before.

The Olgas

The Valley of the Winds walk was a lot more challenging then the flat walk around the base of Uluru. There was a lot of rocky climbs and descends. The wind had also picked back up again so it was very windy in the Valley of the Winds and it also made it really cold in the shade of the rock gorges.

The first lookout

The path to the bottom leads to the 2nd lookout, the top path to the carpark

The 2nd lookout in the middle of the valley

The track up to the 2nd lookout

2nd lookout looking down to the rest of the track
The Walpa gorge walk was a lot more flatter but it was on rock all of the way. It was also a lot shorter at only 2.6km. The wind at the end of the gorge felt like it was coming straight out of a freezer. The sheer vertical height of the rock faces were impressive. It was hard to get a good photo of them because there was too much contrast between the light and dark areas in the one shot.

Walpa Gorge walk

The end of Walpa Gorge

Looking back to the car park
At the car park we also found what we will eventually trade the Pajero, Quantum and a fist full of cash in on :-)

The Warrior
That night we had our first visit from our camp pet. A spinifex hopping mouse came to visit us. It was like a mouse with the hind legs of a kangaroo. It would run around like a normal mouse, but when it got startled it was able to hop like a kangaroo and was ultra fast.

Spinifex hopping mouse

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