Saturday 26 May 2012

Oz Trip - Day 25

Day 25 – 26/5/2012 – Yulara Resort

On the way into Yulara Resort, closest accommodation to Uluru, we stopped at Curtain Springs for lunch. It was a nice little station and it had the best grass that we had seen in a long long time!

The camping ground at Curtain Springs Station was one of the better ones we had seen for awhile.

Opposite Curtain Springs was Mt Conner. An interesting looking land form, but unfortunately we didn't get time to visit it up close.

Mt Connor
We were expecting the price of everything at Yulara to be remote resort prices so I decided to get a 6 pack of beer here instead of at resort prices. It cost $22 for a 6 pack. The most I had paid so far! But that was cheap compared to at the resort!

I couldn't believe it. While having a comfort stop at Curtain Springs, I noticed another “THE CARP” logo. This time it was a sticker and not a stencil. My intuitive detective skills lead me to believe that “THE CARP” was male!

Once we had setup camp at Yulara resort, we headed off to the national parks office at Uluru to organise our passes into the park. We also did a quick drive all the way around the rock and worked out where the walks started from so that we didn't have to waste time the next day.

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