Wednesday 23 May 2012

Oz Trip - Day 22

Day 22 – 23/5/2012 – Cooper Pedy

A late start due to the big day yesterday. Did a bit of "sight seeing" on the way to shopping. The place was interesting to say the least. It looked like Lightening Ridge on a much larger scale. People were pretty much mining and tunnelling into the ground in the centre of town. There wasn't a blade of grass anywhere. It was all just dust and dirt.

Some local sights

Cooper Pedy

From the lookout over town

There was stuff like this all around town
In keeping with visiting all things Big, we visited the “Big Winch” and what a big let down! It was abandoned and up for sale. Anyone want to buy a Big Winch tourist attraction?

For Sale, One Big Winch

A renovators delight

I wonder why it went broke.
I spent a bit of time cleaning all of the trailer plug connections and hitch to get rid of all of the dust stuck to them and did a bit of an inspection for any damage from yesterday. Found the rocks had started to take chunks out of the camper mud flaps and rock blasted the dust seals on the hubs.

Rock damage on camper mud flaps

The hub seals were all black
The wind got up at lunch time and covered everything in sand and also made it really cold. We got more dirt/sand in the camper from the wind then the 600km of dirt road that we had done over the last couple of days! It just absolutely coated everything.

Pretty much an ensuite site

The weather turning nasty
I thought that I might have had to watch the State of Origin on my TV so I reluctantly plugged into power due to having a cloudy afternoon and having to run the laptop for a few hours. The first time on 240V in 21 days. I was pretty happy with that. But instead we ended up watching it in the TV room with a few other QLDers. And some of them were from Bargara!! Small world. Luckily I didn't have Aarons phone number to rub in the win :-). There were a few New South Welshmen in the TV room that we were able to stick it to at least.

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