Saturday 2 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 32

Day 32 – 2/6/2012 – Kings Canyon Rim walk

We set off reasonably early to do the Kings Canyon Rim walk. There was a steep climb at the start of the walk but it had steps so it wasn't too bad. It was a good cardio workout.

The start of the walk

Looking down the climb up.
There were great views and impressive rock formations. The Rim walk was only 5.5km but felt a lot longer due to the scrambling over the rocks etc.

Looking back down to the carpark

The edge that we will walk all the way around

Some interesting rock formations

Climbing through some rocks

The view down the valley

See if you can spot Jodie. She didn't feel comfortable crossing the bridge especially when you could see the old bridge collapsed below in the chasm.

Just in case you couldn't see her

We took a side walk to the “Garden of Eden” for smoko. We were lucky enough to have it to ourselves for a couple of minutes. It was so nice and peaceful until a tour group of about 20 people turned up.

The Garden of Edan waterhole
We also walked the 2.5km lower canyon walk that looked up at the top of the canyon.

If you look closely you can see people up on the right hand side

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The Kings Canyon Rim walk was far more impressive than just looking at the gorge from a distance and watching the sunset on it.

We were back to camp by lunch time. I spent the afternoon trying to catch up on writing blog posts.

That night the dingos were at it again, stalking around peoples camps to see what they could steal. One grabbed something from a camper trailer near us and took off into the bush with his mates to savour their prize.

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