Thursday 28 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 58

Day 58 – 28/6/2012 – Cooinda Lodge

We left Gumloam Falls at about 8:30am. Being warmer sure made it easier to get up earlier. We arrived at Cooinda Lodge just before lunch time. On checking in we also booked in for a 6:45 sunrise cruise on Yellow Water wetlands. We found that when going unpowered they make you the first course for the crocodiles!

After lunch we visited Nourlangie Rock to see the Aboriginal artwork. It was pretty impressive and very different to the artwork that we had seen at Carnarvon Gorge.

Some of the artwork had been repainted in the 1960's due to buffalo rubbing it off as they accessed the cooler and shady areas under the rocks where the art work was painted.

Again it was another day with smoke haze in the air. Ever since we entered Kakadu there has been fires burning. The sky wasn't the nice blue colour that we had enjoyed down south, it was more a hazy grey colour due to all of the smoke.

Looking out over the landscape with the smoke haze
We also came across another classic Wicked Camper.

There is a franchise for everything!
We also clocked up the 10,000km for the trip so far!

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  1. saw that Jim's at Rainbow Beach a few years ago.