Tuesday 26 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 56

Day 56 – 26/6/2012 – Gunlom Falls

After a sleep in we set off to do the 1km return steep and difficult walk to the top of Gunlom falls. It took a little while to do due to how steep it was.

There is a track there somewhere!

The view back to the camp ground nearly at the top.
The plunge pools at the top were absolutely fantastic. The water was cool but not icey. You could stay in for a while without going numb not like in some of the North Queensland waterfalls where we have swum.

Approaching the pools

An awesome infinity pool!

Looking over the edge to the pool below
After the decent it was so hot I took a chance and went for a swim at the bottom of the falls. Hopefully I wasn't swimming with any crocs!

Me cooling off and Jodie keeping an eye out for crocs!
The afternoons were reaching 28 to 30deg and over night it was dropping to between 15 and 20deg. Very pleasant, especially when there is a beautiful rock pool to swim in!

Ever since we entered Kakadu there was a smoke haze in the air and it just seemed to hang around the camp site. Everyone lighting their nightly fires also didn't help.

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