Sunday 10 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 40

Day 40 – 10/6/2012 – Rally start day

It was a very early start so that we could catch the first of the buggies off the start line at 7:30am!!! On top of that it was another 0deg morning. Stage 1 of the rally was 200 odd kilometres south along the Old Ghan Railway line to Finke.

What can I say, Jodie puts up with a lot from me. Dragging her out to the middle of nowhere in the middle of winter.

A beautiful but cold morning
The first 10 trucks/buggies went singly and then two at a time. Again this made it interesting into the first corner.

Its going to be a long slow trip to Finke in one of these!

That's one way to keep warm
The bikes and quad bikes started two at a time for the first 10 and then 10 at a time after that. The argy bargy into the first corner caused a few interesting moments.

We didn't end up staying around to see all of the bikes leave as there was just too many of them so we ended up leaving at about lunch time.

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