Monday 25 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 55

Day 55 – 25/6/2012 – Kakadu (Gunlom Falls)

It was an early start at 6am. It was still dark when we were up and moving. We had to pack up and re fill the water tanks which took a bit of time so we didn't end up leaving until about 9:30am.

We stopped at Katherine for a food shop as it was the first Woolies that we and a hell of a lot of other people had seen for ages. The car park was jam packed with vans. It was unbelievable. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a photo of it.

We had lunch at Mary River Station and picked up our Kakadu passes.

The road into Gunlom Falls was marked as 4WD, but we think that 4WD really is only a code word for badly corrugated. There were plenty of other normal vehicles there that had made it no problems at all.

It was late afternoon by the time that we had setup camp so we only did the small walk to the base of the falls.

Gunlom Falls Plunge Pool

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