Thursday 7 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 37

Day 37 – 7/6/2012 – Still at Palm Valley

Because it was such a nice camp ground we decided to stay an extra day. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as nice today as the day before. It clouded over, was cold and there was a wind blowing. I had to get the second set of solar panels out to try and catch as many rays as possible for power.

The rest day also gave me a chance to catch up on writing some more of the blog posts so that when I had internet coverage that it would be quicker to publish them.

The camp ground pretty much cleared out and was back to 4 groups, but by the afternoon every site was occupied again.  Later that afternoon the family that we met at Gosse Bluff pulled in and setup camp only a couple of sites away.

That night we went to the Ranger talk around the camp fire. It seems that in most of the popular NT National Parks, a Ranger from that park will come out one night a week and answer questions around the camp fire. It was very interesting. There are only 3 permanent rangers that look after the Finke National Park, (Palm Valley and Boggy Hole).  They actually live at Palm Valley in the rangers quarters.  She said that they sometimes get cut off in the wet season when the river floods.  After seeing the track in it is pretty easy to see why.

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