Sunday 17 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 47

Day 47 – 17/6/2012 – Return from Chambers Pillar

We were packed up and left at 10am to head back into Alice Springs.

Climbing the ridge from the other direction

We arrived at around 2:30pm ish. On the way back into town we had lunch at roughly the 30km mark along the rally track.

I am glad I wasn't camping in this posie for the race! (Race track on the left)

Before going back to the van park we took the camper through the manual car wash to try and clean some of the bulk dirt off and blast the grit out of the stabiliser legs. They are getting more and more difficult to get down due to the dirt getting into them.

After we had setup camp in a different site back at the Big 4, we visited Anzac Hill that over looks Alice Springs.

Looking out over Alice Springs

The Gap, The van park was located just behind that

To the left of the Gap

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