Thursday 21 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 51

Day 51 – 21/6/2012 – Finally, on the road again!!

We both know that it was time to hit the road as we felt that we wanted to get going instead of just sitting around any more. Destination, Devils Marbles.

The only interesting stop on the way was at Wycliff Well for the UFO Centre of Australia.

There must be something in the water out here...
It was basically your stock standard roadhouse with a lot of news paper cuttings of all of the people that had seen UFO's in the area. Because the roadhouse was also the local bottle-o I wonder if there was a correlation between the two.

We arrived at the Marbles at about 2:30pm and we managed to get one of the last few sights left. There was a lot of people that drove through after us and couldn't fit in anywhere. In terms of camp grounds, this is probably our least favourite one so far, mainly from the smell of the pit toilet close by. Every so often the wind would blow whiffs of it our way.

After setting up camp we went for a walk through the Marbles and climbed to the top of them for a great view.

Jodie trying to play marbles

Me on top of the Marbles

Not much space left!

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