Saturday, 9 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 39

Day 39 – 9/6/2012 – Finke Prologue

It wasn't easy getting up early on a 0deg morning for a 9am start for the prologue. The prologue was the time trial that all vehicles did to determine the starting order for the following day. We missed the first few buggies due to the line up to get in the gate. However we still managed to see a few of the big monster trucks take off. They sounded awesome!
The line up along the Stuart Highway to get in

It was a dry and dusty day but luckily there was a wind blowing to clear the dust from the track pretty quickly, but it also made it really cold due to the wind chill factor!

Glad it is not my camera gear in there!! (See the guys with the purple vests)

In the few motor racing events that I have been too, I have never seen track maintenance like this before

Big Boys Track Maintenance

The bikes were able to do a sighting lap of the time trial circuit. It took 6 minutes for all 500 or so bikes to cross the start finish line for the sighting lap. It was pretty impressive seeing that many bikes all taking off at once.

It was interesting watching the bikes go because they let them go two at a time. So there was a bit of a battle between the two into the first few corners. Because there was so many we didn't watch all of the bikes get released for the time trial.

The Start/Finish line at the Alice end
On the way out of the track we went for a drive down the road beside the track to see if there were any good vantage points. We couldn't believe how much traffic was on the dirt road!!! It was like the freeway in Brisbane! It was so dusty it was hard to see where you were going. If you were camped on the track the dust would have been horrendous. So we were glad that we ended up staying in the Big 4 and not on the track.

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