Sunday 3 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 33

Day 33 – 3/6/2012 – Kings canyon to Glen Helen “Resort”

We packed up camp early and left for Glen Helen via the Mereenie Loop Road. To travel this road you required a permit which only cost $5.50. More dirt and corrugations. Smoko stop was at a lookout that looked back onto Kings Canyon.

Looking back onto Kings Canyon

Lunch stop was at Gosse Bluff which was actually a really old meteorite crater. After lunch we did the climb to the top of the lookout to get a good view of the whole crater from the inside.

The entrance into the crater
Just beside the carpark I found what appeared to be a bower bird's bower. I know that the Satin Bower bird collects blue objects, so I am not sure what sort of bower bird would collect white objects. Maybe a colour blind Satin Bower Bird?

A Bower Bird's bower
We also then stopped at a lookout that looked back on the crater.

Looking back onto Gosse Bluff
The Glen Helen “Resort” had a nice feel about it. It was nice and close to the actual gorge. The term “Resort” seems to be getting looser and looser though. We were in the unpowered section which was furthest from the Resort but closest to the amenities.

The powered section, you can just see us on the far right of the photo on the other side of the road

Glen Helen gorge behind us

The entrance to Glen Helen Gorge and the Finke River
This morning as we were packing up at Kings Canyon, we met the people that the dingo stole something from the night before. They were the Carmichaels from Sharon in Bundaberg. Their daughter Robyn, has since moved to Adelaide.

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