Tuesday 5 June 2012

Oz Trip - Day 35

Day 35 – 5/6/2012 – West MacDonnell Gorges Day 2

The mornings are starting to get chiller. This morning it was a whole 0.2 deg cooler than the day before getting down to 0.3 deg.

The first gorge we visited was Ormiston gorge. There was a loop walk that took you along the ridge and then down into the gorge and back via the river bed. We didn't do the full loop as there was a bit of water that you needed to cross. We went up to the look out and then back up the gorge as far as we could.

Looking up Ormiston Gorge

Looking back to the carpark and camping ground

Looking back up to the lookout

Massive river gums

In the gorge

A swimming hole

The lifebuoy
On the way out of the carpark we noticed another “The CARP” sticker on a speed sign.

On the way back to camp for lunch we called in at the Ochre Pits. It is a place where the Aboriginals have come for thousands of years to collect the different coloured sandstone to mix up for their ceremonial paints. The colours in the rocks were unbelievable.

Because it was such a bright day I used a CPL, (Circular Polariser), filter to try and cut out some of the glare and show the colours.

After lunch we did the walk to Glen Helen Gorge. It was pretty much right on our door step. Only a 10min walk. Unfortunately you couldn't get all of the way into the gorge to see the “Organ Pipes” further up the gorge due to the water.

Entrance to Glen Helen Gorge

No go without a boat!
Apparently the only way to get further into the gorge is by floating through on a kayak or canoe – which we didn't have, a rubber tyre tube – which would involve getting wet in the icy water, or clinging to the side of the rock face and spider man round the side of the gorge until you found dry land and hoped you didn't fall in in the process. I wasn't keen on that idea either. In summer it wouldn't have been too bad, but not at this time of year!!!!

That afternoon while filling up with diesel at Glen Helen, $2.16 per litre, I noticed a “The CARP” sticker on the back of the diesel bowser. So I now know that he also probably drives something that requires diesel! Unfortunately I didn't think to take a photo of it.

That afternoon we also acquired 3 neighbours in the unpowered section. The first in three nights. It was also the first time that I had had a fire for a while. Someone had left a load of wood beside one of the fire places. As no one had claimed it for three nights, I burnt it all. It was nice eating dinner around a warm fire for a change.

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