Thursday 6 September 2012

Oz Trip - Day 128

Day 128 – 6/9/2012 – Karijini Day trip

Today we set out to drive around the Banjima Drive through the Karijini National Park. First stop was Joffre Falls. We only did the short walk to the lookout as we were on a tight time schedule.

Joffre Falls

From there it was over to the Oxer and Junction pools lookouts. Again we didn't do the long walks down into the gorges.

It was then on to Mt Bruce where we again only did a short walk up to the lookout that looks over the Marandoo mine site. As we were walking along the track, a little lizard kept running in front of us like it was showing us the way up the track. It would race along the track in front of us, stop  and then look back and wait for us to catch up and then do the same again.

It was interesting to read that in 1992 the Western Australian government excised the mine area out of the national park so that the Marandoo mine could go ahead. Obviously nothing is safe, not even national parks when there is big money to be made.

Marandoo mine site, also a long iron ore train leaving the site
It was then back to the Dales camping area where we were staying for a swim at Fern Pool

Fern Pool
And at Fortescue Falls

By the time we finished swimming it was about 4:30pm and time to head back to camp.

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