Friday 14 September 2012

Oz Trip - Day 136

Day 136 – 14/9/2012 – The Pinnacles

Again we were up and on the road again early. On the way out of town we stopped to make a phone call to make a booking at the Cervantes van park. First stop was Port Gregory to see the Pink Lake. It is not pollution that makes it look pink but the beta-carotene contained in the algae that does.

The Pink Lake
Some other towns that we passed through were Northampton, Geraldton and Dongara, which all looked like nice places that we could have spent more time exploring. We stopped for lunch at a little sea side town of Leeman. It wasn't only lunch time for us.

We arrived at the Cervantes van park at about 3:30pm. Again it was a quick setup and then off to check out The Pinnacles.

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