Tuesday 25 September 2012

Oz Trip - Day 147

Day 147 – 25/9/2012 – The Nullarbor (Esperance to Madura Pass)

Basically we left at 7:45am and just drove. We were just going to see how far we could get in a day. It didn't occur to me until after half way across that I should have mounted some sort of camera on the vehicle and taken a photo say every ten minutes and then created a time lapse movie out of them and made you all sit there and watch it. Instead I will just load up a heap of photos.

The Corrugated Camels at Norseman

A street in Norseman

Australia's longest drag strip!

Heading down Madura Pass to the roadhouse
We arrived at the Madura Pass Roadhouse at about 5:30pm. We didn't want to drive any later than this as there was a lot of wildlife on the side of the road, alive and dead. In the last 100 or so kilometres up to the Madura Pass Roadhouse we couldn't believe how much road kill there was. It was the most we had seen all trip.

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