Thursday 13 September 2012

Oz Trip - Day 135

Day 135 – 13/9/2012 – Murchison Station

This morning we had to cook breakfast in the camp kitchen as it was far too windy to use ours. It also saved us a bit of time in packing up. We were on the road by 8am. We stopped at the Overlander roadhouse to refuel and make a few phone calls. The first thing that we noticed as we were getting closer to Kalbarri was the wild flowers lining the side of the road.

Wildflowers lining the side of the road

We arrived at Murchison Station at about 12:30pm, quickly setup camp and had some lunch.

Our camp site

Other cabin accommodation

A free range farm animal.
We then headed off to see the main sites of Kalbarri National Park and the township. We didn't have time to do the longer walks in the park.

First stop was the “Z bend” and on the way we came across some scary creatures.

A life size depiction of the creature! I wouldn't want one of these crawling into my sleeping bag!

And its tracks!

Looking one way down the Z Bend

And the other
Next stop, a lookout.

Looking towards the Natures Window carpark

And then on to Natures Window.

A beautiful view through Natures Window

The other side of Natures Window

The valley behind Natures Window
It was then back to the Kalbarri township to see Red Bluff and Natural Bridge. It was blowing an absolute gale on the cliff headlands. There were so many things to see along the cliffs but we only had time for a couple.

At Red Bluff looking back to the Kalbarri township in the far distance

Natural Bridge
By the time we stopped off at IGA for some shopping it was getting pretty late in the afternoon so we decided to head to the local pub for dinner. It was very busy.

We eventually arrived back at camp at 7:30pm and the wind was still very gusty. Luckily we were protected a bit and it wasn't any where near as bad as being in the township.

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