Monday, 10 September 2012

Oz Trip - Day 132

Day 132 – 10/9/2012 – Hamelin Station

We left Exmouth early and headed for Hamelin Station stay. We were going to use the station as a base to explore the surrounding areas.

Along the road to Carnarvon

We stopped off at Carnarvon for lunch and a quick drive through the town.

Part of the main street of Carnarvon - again royalties for the regions at work

The Esplanade
On the way out of town drove past the decommissioned OTC, (Overseas Telecommunications Commission), dish. NASA contracted OTC, (now Telstra), to build the dish to link a NASA tracking centre in the region to a control centre in the US. The dish was decommissioned in 1987.

The Carnarvon OTC
We didn't end up arriving at Hamelin Station until about 4:30pm. It was a really nice site with space between the camp sites and great facilities and surroundings.

Hamelin Station - Camp kitchen and communal area on the left, cottage accommodation on the right

Our camp site

Our view

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