Sunday 16 September 2012

Oz Trip - Day 138

Day 138 – 16/9/2012 – Bunbury

It was nice to have a bit of a sleep in as we didn't have a big day to get to Bunbury and we didn't have to be out of the camp site by 10am :-). When we were finally ready to leave and were doing our final pre departure check, I found that the hazard/indicator lights weren't working, there was a battery charging error light on on the dash and the battery voltage looked way higher than normal, up around 15.5v! After a bit of detective work I found that the hazard fuse had blown. After replacing the blown fuse everything was back to normal.

Camp Will & Bec

The GPS navigation program that we were using on the iPad took us through the centre of Perth. We didn't mind as it gave us a chance to see the city again some of the landmarks that we saw 8 years ago.

At Bunbury we caught back up to Jodies parents. That evening we had a few drinks recalling stories and places that we had visited over the last couple of months.

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