Tuesday 18 September 2012

Oz Trip - Day 140

Day 140 – 18/9/2012 – Ferguson Valley Day Trip

We woke up to our 1st rainy day of the trip. Luckily it was just light showers on and off and cleared up as the day wore on. Today was going to be a bit of a sightseeing day. The first part was a drive through the Ferguson Valley to visit Gnomesville.

We were on the right path to Gnomesville

Gnomesville is a place where 1,000's of Gnomes live. Gnomes of all shapes and sizes from all over Australia and around the world have been turning up in the bush beside a roundabout on the junction of Wellington Mill and Ferguson Roads in the Ferguson Valley. The community has not been without its problems. Apparently in 2007 the “Gnomesville Massacre” occurred in which vandals attacked the community. Some of the wounds are still visible today. A reward was offered for information about the offenders.

Rambo Gnome

Borat Gnome

Keeping the tunes pumping with DJ Gnome and the wheels of steel!

We won't hold his Gnome chariot of choice against him - everyone is welcome here

After smoko at Gnomesville we headed back to Bunbury to have a look around the city.

Ferguson Valley
The rolling green hills of Ferguson Valley
Looking towards Bunbury city centre
Looking towards the harbour
We had a late lunch at a cafe in the main street and then headed back to the van park to start packing up for a departure tomorrow morning.

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  1. I think i want to move to gnomesville!