Friday 21 September 2012

Oz Trip - Day 143

Day 143 – 21/9/2012 – Pemberton to Albany

Our first rainy pack up. Not only was it wet it was also cold. Due to the wet we were a little bit slower getting moving than normal. First stop for the day was the Valley of the Giants tree top walk. It was a lot easier than climbing the trees the day before and Jodie even did the walk. The maximum height was only 40m, a lot less than the day before.

The Valley of the Giants Tall Trees Walk

Jodie on the tall trees walk.
After the tree tops it was a walk/run through the Tingle trees due to the rain coming over. Some of the trees are well over 400 years old.

Inside a Giant Tingle Tree
We were lucky that we just managed to get the tree top walk in as the wind was picking up and there was a severe weather warning issued for pretty much the whole of the south west of WA. If the wind gets too strong they close the tree top walk. We later heard that they had recorded wind gusts of over 100kph at Cape Leeuwin where we were only a few days before.

At Denmark we ended up eating lunch in the car as it was too wet and windy.

Denmark - the sun came out just as we were leaving
We arrived at Albany and setup camp. We didn't even bother trying to pull the awning out as it was far to windy.

Arriving into Albany
Looking out over the town
Storm clouds approaching
That night we didn't even pull out the kitchen. It was straight down to the camp kitchen as it was warmer and out of the wind. At 10pm it was 8deg outside but with the wind chill it felt more like 1.8!!!

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