Wednesday 19 September 2012

Oz Trip - Day 141

Day 141 – 19/9/2012 – Pemberton

We left Bunbury at 9am. The first stop was Busselton. Again it was a very nice seaside town.

It was then onto Margaret River. As we are not winos we only stopped for smoko and kept moving. It reminded us a lot of Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Margaret River main street
Next stop was Cape Leeuwin at Augusta to see the lighthouse and the meeting of the two oceans. This is where the Indian and Southern oceans meet. They get some pretty wild weather here at times due to the two ocean currents meeting and mixing. It is also the south-westerly point of Australia.

Cape Leeuwin light house built in 1895

From there it was a walk to an old water wheel that supplied water to up to the lighthouse cottages.

On leaving the lighthouse we found Flinders Bay which was sheltered from the wind for our lunch stop. While we were having lunch we saw a rabbit getting attacked and chased by a crow! I didn't get any photos of that but the crow got a claw full of fur.

Face off between the bunny and the crow!
We arrived at Pemberton and setup camp in the beautiful van park. The park was off the main road and in a valley that was surrounded by the tall Karri trees. There was a little creek running through the park and there was two groups of the ducks that had ducklings wandering around the park. Some looked like they were only days old.

Our camp

Our camp pets

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