Saturday 8 September 2012

Oz Trip - Day 130

Day 130 – 8/9/2012 – Exmouth

We left the roadhouse relatively early, but we were still one of the last to leave. By putting in a big day before we arrived at Exmouth around lunch time which gave us a bit of time to have a bit of a drive around the town in the afternoon.

On the way to Exmouth

Entering Exmouth
We went for a drive to the east side of North West Cape and had a look at the beach.

On the way we passed a massive naval antenna array built by the US military and used for communications with submarines and ships in the western Pacific Ocean and the east Indian Ocean via very low frequency radio transmissions.

Driving underneath the antenna
On the way back to the van park we drove to the marina. It looked like a fairly new development which contained a very new looking Novotel Hotel. Jodie said that she wants to stay there the next time we visit Exmouth!!!

The beachfront spa units
A pretty sleek looking cat
That afternoon in the van park we caught up with some people that had been our neighbours at Derby close to a month ago. We found it interesting that we were now starting to catch back up to people that we had met awhile ago.

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